We answer questions about the ERC Collaborative Reporting or Training Grants – and encourage you to apply, even if your idea needs some work.
Along with a round-up of funding, reporting and training opportunities.
We'll Discuss how Journalists from 13 Countries Covered the Crimes in the Global Fishing Industry.
It might seem like a sensible logistics exercise, but in reality, transshipment enables destructive IUU fishing across the world.
A fishery observer's job sounds simple — to monitor fishing activity. So why do they keep disappearing at sea?
Abuse of Southeast Asian migrant workers are rife across the fleet of one of China’s largest tuna fishing companies, according to a cross-border invest…
Conservationists are sounding the alarm over the international race to exploit the Antarctic's krill swarms.
A cross-border Environmental Reporting Collective investigation into crimes in the global fishing industry, from the South China Sea to the Antarctic.
Key investigative stories, data sources, funding, reporting and training opportunities and our projects from across Asia.
Key investigative stories, data sources, funding/training opportunities and our projects from across Asia.
Trang Bui is a multimedia freelance journalist with several years’ experience working with Vietnamese and international media outlets.
Could the illegal wildlife trade in the hotspot of Vietnam come back stronger after Covid-19? ERC and MDI spoke with traffickers throughout 2020 and 20…