Oceans Inc #6 - Join our Webinar on Oct 20

We'll Discuss how Journalists from 13 Countries Covered the Crimes in the Global Fishing Industry.

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Oceans Inc

We’ve now published all the main investigative articles that are part of our yearlong Oceans Inc global collaboration, involving journalists from 13 countries and several newsrooms. Now we want to share more about how it all came together.

Joining the webinar will be two of the coordinating editors that helped led this yearlong project, several of the participating journalists, and members of the ERC team to discuss how we setup the website, data, and visualizations.

The webinar is on Oct 20th at 08:00 PM Malaysia/China time. That is

  • 1:00PM/13:00 BST (London)

  • 2:00PM/14:00 CET (Paris/Berlin)

  • 5:30PM/17:30 IST (India)

  • 8:00AM EDT (New York)

RSVP here: bit.ly/OceansInc, and also please share in your networks


We will also be sharing a bit about our plans post-Oceans Inc, including the official launch of our reporting and training grants, worth over USD 15,000!

The Oceans Inc Series

We released five different investigative pieces as part of the series. Here’s all the articles.

  1. Fishers on the Frontlines - Fishing communities across the South China Sea are struggling as their countries battle against IUU fishing.

  2. Krilling for Oil – Conservationists are sounding the alarm over the international race to exploit the Antarctic's krill swarms.

  3. Worked to Death – An investigation into one of China's largest fishing companies.

  4. Observational Hazards – A fishery observer's job is to monitor fishing vessels for illegal activity. But they keep disappearing at sea.

  5. Transshipment: The Art of Fishing Laundering - It might seem like a sensible logistics exercise, but in reality, transshipment enables destructive IUU fishing across the world.

We also have one more follow-up story coming out next week: Wealthy Seas, Poor Fishers, which focuses on the livelihoods of Filipino fishers in the West Philippines Sea.

Trainings and Opportunities

For journalists in Sri Lanka: Earth Journalism Network is offering grants to journalists to produce in-depth environmental stories in the country (deadline 19 Oct).

The International Documentary Association is accepting applications for its Documentary Magazine Editorial Fellowship program, which will award $3000 and support to fellow (deadline 5 Nov).

The Pulitzer Center is looking for fellows to join their Rainforest Investigations Network. You get paid for one whole year to investigate environmental crimes behind deforestation in tropical forest and work with journalists from other countries to create impactful reporting (deadline 15 Dec).

  • Pulitzer Center is also accepting applications for its 2021 Eyewitness Photojournalism Grant, which will award $2500 USD to three applicants to support visual reporting projects (deadline 31 Dec).

The Global Investigative Journalism Network has released a new guide on Investigating Environmental Crimes and Climate Change.

A new resource from the Freelance Journalism Assembly — a freelancer’s guide on reporting Climate Change.

Also worth checking out — The Global Organized Crime Index 2021 is out, including several resources related to wildlife and environmental crime.

That’s all for this week. We’re always open to including other resources/trainings in this newsletter, so if you have something you’d like us to share, let us know by responding to this email.

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