Introducing the Environmental Reporting Collective

Dear friends and supporters,

The name is new, but the goal and focus is the same, just broader. We want to build on what we accomplished with The Pangolin Reports and support more collaborative journalism projects across Asia, and beyond – something that is now more important than ever as evidence of the link between the illegal wildlife trade and the Covid-19 pandemic grows.

I’m Nithin Coca, an Asia-focused freelance journalist who’s covered climate, energy, and supply chains for outlets including Mongabay, Yale E360, and China Dialogue, and I’ll be curating this new newsletter with the help of colleagues from all over Asia. You can learn more about all of us at our new website, Investigative.Earth.

We want to start a conversation among reporters, editors and supporters of journalists across Asia and beyond on the latest and best practices of environmental reporting. 

By having this conversation, and by working together and improving our collective reporting, we can play our part in improving the ways we live and the ways our societies treat our planet. And we get to tell some great stories. 

That’s why we need your help. Please complete this short survey to help us understand your needs and interests. 

Based on the results of the survey, this newsletter will offer curated information that is hopefully relevant to your needs and interests. 

Here are some elements we’ve been told are of interest to the community: 

  • Key investigative environmental stories from across Asia.

  • Inspiration for stories you can do too and new data sources

  • Funding, and training opportunities.

  • Our own upcoming projects and how you can get involved.

Secondly, some of our members are participating in a webinar hosted by Internews/Earth Journalism Network on April 28th.

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Register for the webinar here.

If you don’t want to receive these emails, we understand. You can unsubscribe here.

One more thing: We haven’t decided yet what to call this newsletter. If you have any ideas or suggestions for, or anything else, please respond to this email to get in touch.

I’m excited to have this opportunity to talk to you and grateful for your feedback and thoughts. 

Nithin Coca



The Environmental Reporting Collective a group of reporters and editors across Asia and elsewhere, working together to rethink how environmental journalism is done. We support collaborative journalism projects that start new conversations on how our societies impact our planet. Such stories are complex and expensive. That’s why they require new approaches to research, reporting, editing and distribution.

Let us know what you would like to see in this newsletter by responding to this email.